Itchyworx to Launch Soon

ItchyWorx is getting ready to Launch

Hi, and welcome to Itchyworx.

My name is Tony Hitchcock. Itchyworx has been a long time coming. The idea to start a website that provided quality backing tracks to performers first came to me back in 2011. I had posted a few of my Cat Stevens cover versions on Youtube. They were well received by those who heard them and I got a lot of positive comments. One comment (or question) in particular was “Are these backing tracks available for sale anywhere?” .

I had not long started to learn how to record using a modern Digital Audio Workstation. I had done a little recording back in the 1980’s when the latest thing in home recording was the 4 track Tascam Porta 2, which used a cassette tape to do the recording and was integrated into a little 6 channel mixer. The results were OK for the time but by today’s standards was pretty primitive. Anyway, I digress.   With my new gear and little time to learn how to use it I had only produced a few tracks and there was no way that I could legitimately set myself up a music producer. So the idea just sat there as I continued to learn about producing, recording, mixing and mastering music.

A couple of years ago I realised that I now had a substantial number of tracks that I had produced . I was also using these backing tracks when I was performing. Audiences always seemed to love the stuff from Cat Stevens. I often got comments like:  “If  I close my eyes I would swear I was listening to the Cat himself”. Importantly, closing one’s eyes is a very important part of this illusion, as those who know me or seen my videos can atest! Again, I digress.

Itchyworx starts to Materialise.

The concept of Itchyworx and indeed the name had gelled in my mind. I then started to investigate how to make it happen. That seems so long ago now, and so much has happened, including feeling like I could never do it and wanting to give up as well as getting knock backs from backers, encouragement from some (particularly my wonderful wife) and general feelings of despair (that’s another story). Anyhow, earlier this year I got a kick along from the people of the Newcastle Video MovieMakers club.  My wife and I produced a short crowdfunding video to help promote the project. Although the campaign was far from wildly successful, It was enough, along with a tax refund. to get things started.

I’ve been flat out now for a couple of months getting the site ready and it’s almost done. I will be deciding on a launch date very soon. and will let you know.


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