About Itchyworx

Welcome to ItchyWorx.

ItchyWorx is a place where you can access high quality professional Backing Tracks for some of the iconic songs of the Seventies.


  • All tracks are High Quality MP3 files at 320 Kbit/sec as a standard. WAV files and other formats are available on request if you require them.
  • All Tracks have all been carefully recorded, mixed and mastered to provide high quality commercial sounding music that is true to the original recordings.
  • Each track has been tested during actual live performances.
  • Each backing track has an optional fully produced cover track to help you


  • Many of the backing tracks on Itchyworx are not available elsewhere. I believe we have the largest range of Cat Stevens backing tracks available anywhere. Lots more to come.


  • Itchyworx is a licenced member of APRA (Australasia Performing Right Association). For every track sold, a royalty is paid to the copyright owner.


  • All tracks can be customised and remixed to meet your needs. Just let me know what you want and I’ll do my best to provide it to you. This is not an automated remix it yourself and hope for the best service. I will personally remix and remaster your track to your specifications. OK Go


  • If the track you purchase is faulty, not suitable or not up to the quality you expected, Itchyworx will fix it, replace it or give you a full refund.


  • You will notice that I have concentrated on the classics of Yusuf/Cat Stevens. These songs are the poetry of a generation of young people looking for Change and hoping for peace in those troubled times. Personally, his songs touched me in a profound way that is difficult to describe. His musical journey mirrored his own search for spiritual meaning, truth, hope and love in a turbulent decade, tempered always by the excesses of the perceived rock and roll lifestyle that was the expectation of those doing the observing. I have included the majority of his released tracks, many of which are not widely known, but still portray the essence of Cat’s child like perspective on hope, love and peace. I would suggest that you get to know these songs, It is well worth the time. These less known gems are some of my favourites. I have also included a variety of artists work from icons such as James Taylor, Bruce Cockburn, Crowded House, America, Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

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